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Charleston Conference on Alzheimer's Disease 2014

After the success of last year's inaugural CCAD conference, plans for CCAD 2014 are underway.

CCAD 2014 will be held in Charleston, South Carolina on March 14 - March 16, 2014.

Conference Format

Following the model of CCAD 2013, the CCAD 2014 conference participants will include the seven members of the 2013 Scientific Board and 15 Early Career Investigators. In the months before the conference, each investigator will prepare a grant application for how they would use $50,000 of funding to engage in research that is novel and high-risk or high-impact. In constructing this proposal, the CCAD invitees are encouraged to collaborate with their elected colleagues on proposals, but are also welcome to work alone.

During the conference, the investigators will present their proposals and then team up in small groups led by each of the Mentors, where they will mark each other's proposals. After this study session, the Scientific Board will select four proposals for funding.

While the monetary award is impressive on its own, more imporantly, over the course of the weekend in Charleston, the CCAD participants will have the opportunity to meet and mingle both formally and socially with their fellow peers, allowing them to learn both about each other's research and outside interests. With the small size of the conference and diversity of specific specialties (but shared overall interest) of the group, the investigators will have ample time to be in the spotlight and begin to form a cohort with their peers. As the future generation of leaders in AD research, the participants of CCAD 2014, along with the participants of past and future conferences, will be able to establish crucial relationships with their colleagues to broaden collaborative efforts in AD research.

Conference Location

Charleston, South Carolina

CCAD 2014 will be held in Charleston, South Carolina. Voted for the second year in a row as the 'Top City in the United States' by the Conde Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Awards, Charleston boast historical charm, world-class restaurants and the beach on your doorstep. There will be an afternoon break on Day 2 of the conference for sightseeing around the city. For more information about what Charleston has to offer, check out the links below. | Charleston Vistors Bureau | Discover Charleston


Conference-related expenses, such as room reservations and meals, are already covered. For transportation expenses, each Early Career Investigator will be provided with a stipend in the amount of $600. For tax purposes, each Early Career Investigator will have to provide his/her full name, home address, and social security number upon registering at the Conference, to receive this stipend.

Early Career Investigator Criteria

Early Career Investigators will be nominated by either one of the Nominators or one of the CCAD 2013 Awardees and will meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a PhD and/or MD degree, not hold an academic rank higher than Assistant Professor and not be beyond 10 years of the receipt of their terminal degree.
  • Must hold the aforementioned position in a U.S. institution in which the proposed research will be conducted.
  • Must NOT be the PI on any NIH-funded R01, Program Project or Center Award Grants OR the PI on any other foundation or federal award in which any one year receives over $120,000 in total direct costs. Training awards (K-awards and VA Career Development awards) with total direct costs above $120,000 per year are NOT the basis for exclusion from the CCAD application process.
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to a career in advancing AD-related research, as evidence by their prior training and research productivity.
  • Have the assets and qualities necessary to flourish in multi-disciplinary, collaborative research endeavors.

At this time, we are not accepting applications for Early Career Investigators. However, we may open up the CCAD conference opportunity to interested and qualified participants in the future.


Charleston Place Hotel

205 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401